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We manufacturer laser measuring and alignment devices and are proud that 100% of our production is performed in the United States. We believe in producing quality tools for quality professionals.

Digital Templating Solutions

LT-2D3D Laser Templator used for digital templating
LT-2D3D Laser Templator

Consistent, precise measurements are the most important factor when determining which digital templating system to use. At its core, the LT-2D3D embodies those qualities when measuring in both 2D and 3D. more >>

Allen Datagraph vinyl plotter used for digital templating
Allen Datagraph Vinyl Plotter

Allen Datagraph’s Vinyl Plotter is a versatile, high-performance digital template cutter widely considered to be the leading brand of choice for countertop fabricators. more >>

GS-40 Saw Laser

Eliminates the guess-work by giving you the exact location of your cuts every time. The GS-40’s laser takes advantage of the strongest powered lasers on the market for incredibly bright lines. more >>

Industry Focus

Countertop fabricators were the first industry to see the value that digital templating with our lasers could do for their business. Once we introduced the LT-55 XL and then the LT-2D3D models, for the first time ever, a templator was able to complete jobs on-site, email them back to the office and head to the next job. By the time they arrived at their next job, the fabrication shop already assigned the tool paths, placed the granite slab on their CNC/waterjet/fab center and was cutting it.

Since our laser templators were introduced, ten out of the last eleven Stone World Magazine Fabricator of the Year recipients have used our lasers. more >>

Time savings, accuracy and repeatability is where you will save money on each job when using our Laser Templators. Let us show you how you can do the same as the 2600+ companies we have already helped bring into the world of digital templating.

Efficiently, accurately, and consistently, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator will produce DXF, DWG, ORD, and XML files on-site. Whether you are measuring interiors for cabinet bases, countertops, stairs, doors, windows or soffits that will be hung, our laser templator can measure it. Digital Templating has never been easier.

The LT-2D3D Laser Templator literally sets the standard in field measure and verification. Precisely measure the as-is conditions including all the irregularities and obstacles so you can fabricate to match. There is no need to do rework while you are installing ever again. After templating, you can even email the job to the office so they can begin working on the fabrication.

In 2014 we began working with industry leaders including Trivantage and CAD Effects to produce a digital templating package that would suit the industrial fabric companies. This package includes our TemplatePro software and is paired with the 3D Disto Laser Templator.  It increases accuracy and efficiency, while reducing time on site and production time. Complex jobs including awnings, shade sails, trailer covers, dodgers, bimini tops, enclosures, and any other jobs where you would need digital templating are now simple to measure.

Whether you are measuring directly in front of you or an object fifty feet away, the 3D Disto Laser Templator is perfect for getting precise measurements in our TemplatePro software. Once measured, you will see a full, 3D wire frame of the job. We import those jobs into RhinoCAD and with the use of our custom MPanel flattening software, each panel is laid flat for cutting. MPanel takes into account the fabric you are using (weft/warp), allows you to determine seam offsets for sewing and can even stamp the panels with the job name.

Once jobs are flattened your panels can be either sent to a cutting table or a plotter which will mark the fabric for you to cut later. The best part of what we have put together is that you DO NOT NEED ANY PRIOR CAD KNOWLEDGE. Within a matter of a few hours, we can train you to digitally template, edit, flatten, and cut your jobs.

Accuracy and efficiency are two of the most important aspects when working with composite materials used for building and repairing boat hulls. Normally this is a time consuming effort. Measuring by hand and making templates to later be digitized is not only inefficient, it also introduces the risk of transcription errors. “Was that written number supposed to be a 4 or a 9?” You wouldn’t need to recheck if you were using our digital templating systems.

The LT-2D3D Laser Templator and 3D Disto Laser Templator will digitally measure any surface you are building or repairing including hulls, railings, covers, hatches and windows. If you can collect all the measurements in a quarter of the time it takes your competitor down the street, leading to quicker turnaround times, which company are your customers going to choose?

The best part of what we have put together is that you DO NOT NEED ANY PRIOR CAD KNOWLEDGE. Within a matter of few hours, we can train you how to digitally template even the most complex jobs you run into.

There are literally hundreds of uses for our lasers that both digitally measure jobs and are used for alignment.

Digital Templating (LT-2D3D, LT-55 XL, & 3D Disto Laser Templators)
Countertops, back splashes, cabinet bases, millwork, soffits, stairs, showers, tub surrounds, awnings, shade sails, boat covers, trailer covers, enclosures, boat hulls, dodgers,  pool liners, landscaping, metal fabrication etc.

Alignment (GS-40 & GS-28 Saw Lasers, & SL-24 Laser Square)
Saw blade alignment, cutting guides, cabinet layout, cutting and layout (90° & 45° for stone, tile, wood, vinyl and carpet), trowel over mortar (no more snapping chalk lines), pattern matching, deflection testing, subcontractor inspection, foundation alignment, out-of-square/out-of-level checking, slopes, drains etc.

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Laser Products Industries has partnered with American Financial Partners to work with our customers so that everyone who needs to purchase one of our lasers will be able to. more >>

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