Case Study: Austin Countertops

Case Study: Austin Countertops

Austin Countertops

Jimmy Roth, Austin Countertops, Austin, TX

Austin Countertops used to figure that 85% of the time, they’d get the job right. That’s a high scrap rate compared to the national average. Now, with the purchase of their third Laser Templator, they see less than 5% of jobs with mistakes and never because of measurement errors.

“You can’t be afraid to embrace technology and change and that means going from manual to digital,” says Jimmy Roth, president, Austin Countertops. “Our turnaround time is dramatically reduced for customers. We can measure without removing the countertops, or calling in a plumber twice. For the customer, that’s a big deal. It builds customer confidence that they’re with the right company.”

“I did the math and I estimate that it took me two-and-a-half to three months to pay for my lasers. There’s less waste in materials, the savings in the guys’ time, the amount of time driving around, the increased number of templates, and the decrease in turnaround time which gives me the ability to get more jobs. It’s a no-brainer.”

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