Win More Jobs

  • Estimate jobs on-site
  • Perform layouts immediately
  • Produce higher quality products
  • Expand core business offerings
  • Present your company as more professional than the competition


  • Capture measurements with 1/16” accuracy
  • Dramatically reduce measuring time
  • Design layouts on-site with customers
  • Measure without unsafe scaffolding and ladders
  • Reduce measurement errors and mistakes
  • Eliminate the need to make physical templates


  • Export files for Cabinet Vision, 2020, ProKitchen, Microvellum, KCD, and others
  • Import into any CNC saw and router
  • Email files from the jobsite for quicker design work


  • Spend less time during installs
  • Eliminate on-site rework during installation
  • Reduce recuts due to measurement errors


  • Maximize jobsite data flow
  • Optimize measurer’s time
  • Eliminate templating materials
  • Expand job opportunities

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Since 1994, Laser Products Industries has focused on designing, building and supplying lasers to help identify and provide the means to gather job-site job conditions and to accurately fabricate finished products to match. more >>

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