Laser Products Industries Announces Corporate Rebrand and Launch of New CNC Tool Measuring System

The world leader in digital measuring and templating is planning an expansion of its product line and services under the newly rebranded company name LPI, starting with the unveiling of

Laser Products Industries has announced plans to roll out an extensive rebranding initiative, including new logo and website, over the next 60 days. The company will now be known as LPI.

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Laser Products Industries Invests in Process Improvements to Boost Manufacturing Capacity by 40%

Digital measuring and technology solutions company implements lean manufacturing and Kaizen business philosophies to meet increasing demand.

In order to keep up with high customer demand while maintaining stringent quality requirements, Laser Products Industries (LPI) has implemented strategic processes that have increased its manufacturing capacity by 40%.

LPI created cross-functional teams and incorporated various aspects of lean manufacturing and Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvements as a collective whole. Each team evaluated and identified process improvements and manufacturing enhancements from inventory management to final product assembly, including advanced forecasting and streamlined production methods.

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Case Study: Edward Rangle

Case Study: Edward Rangle

Edward Rangle

Edward Rangle started digital measuring in 2005 in the kitchen countertop industry. When he realized the capabilities of laser measuring, he opened his own company and measured for fabricators on a wide variety of commercial and residential jobsites.

“I love measuring with the laser because it gives me the flexibility to measure jobs that I could never have done the old-fashioned way,” he says. “I show up to a jobsite looking professional, carrying high tech equipment and the customers are impressed. It sets me apart from my competition, something that every company must now focus on. It’s so fast that the customers love that I can spend more time with them talking about the details of the job and working on designs.”

“The fabricators love it too because there is virtually no rework during installation. Everything fits like a glove. They save so much time and money on the installs because they have accurate measurements when they are fabricating each piece.”

“Building on my own extensive experience I have gained over the years, I was asked to manage all measurers and CNC operators at the Countertop Factory in Addison, IL, an offer I couldn’t pass up. ”

The Countertop Factory is one of the state’s largest countertop fabricators. In 2016, the company made a large investment to expand their woodworking capabilities to include architectural millworking which has quickly become a large percentage of their work.

Case Study: Cain Millwork

Case Study: Cain Millwork

Cain Millwork

The internal debate at Cain Millwork, about whether to replace their original laser system with the newer 3D model was decided when a job came in to design and build a stairwell for Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

“It was a pretty complicated job,” says Charles Watson, Project Manager. “We felt like we needed some of the features of the newer system. As it turned out, we were able to map the stairwell to under 1/16” including the turns. We did so well with  he
measuring that the installer was able to put the stairwell in without having to do any work on-site.”

In another job, the new system was equally valuable in measuring a countertop that went in and out of several areas, had crevices to allow for walls, went around a column, went into a transaction window, and had odd, 135° angles.

“To measure it by hand would have required an angle finder, a tape measure, and would have taken hours,” says Watson.  “With the new laser system, we were able to measure and make the template much quicker. Plus we were able to cut it on the router table instead of having to pay the installer to hand-notch it on-site. It has saved us a lot of time and money.”

Cain Millwork is an AWI QCP certified, full-service architectural woodwork business located in Rochelle, IL, that has a portfolio of high profile projects including the United Center, Ronald McDonald House, American Airlines Admiral Club, and the Writers’ Theatre.

Case Study: The Countertop Factory

Case Study: The Countertop Factory

The Countertop Factory

Geoffery Gran, The Countertop Factory, Addison, IL

In 2011, Geoffrey Gran, owner of The Countertop Factory, decided to go digital with his first Laser Templator from LPI. The results have been so good the company purchased six more.

“Since teaming up with LPI, we have seen a growth rate of 25% per year and a productivity increase of 30%. At the same time, we have seen a dramatic improvement in accuracy and have totally eliminated the cost of templating supplies. The result is more customers and a better bottom line.”


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