3d-distoThe 3D DISTO Laser Templator is a unique tool for capturing and projecting accurate three dimensional measurements. The speed and precision of the 3D DISTO brings unprecedented efficiency to applications like creating CAD templates and taking as-built measurements.

When you are cutting to fit and you know your original measurements are accurate, you can cut even the most expensive materials with confidence.

The best way to eliminate surprises later in the job is to know what you are starting with. The 3D Disto accurately captures 3D coordinates with the precision you need for planning. If your work involves expensive materials that are difficult to cut, transport or are processed off-site, you know accurate “as-built” measurements are critical.

The 3D Disto works for many industries but we have found it excels in the industrial fabrics and composite industries. These include boat building, boat covers, awnings, shade sails, and enclosures.

Why We Distribute The 3D Disto

The 3D Disto is the only system we distribute because we know it is the right tool for specific jobs. When dealing with outdoor measuring, the remote and camera functions drastically improve operability for jobs like boats, trailers, and awnings.

Product Specifications


  • 2D & 3D Measurements
  • Accuracy: ± 0.040”
  • Range: up to 164’ (328’ diameter)
  • 8 hours per charge

Tablet / OS

  • Surface Pro 4
  • Windows 10
  • 12.3” touch screen display
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life per charge

Data Output


Measuring Units

  • 0.000 m, 0.0000 m, 0.00 m,
  • 0.00 ft, 0’00” 1/32, 0.0 in, 0 in 1/32


  • 2 years, manufacturers defects
  • 1 year extended warranty available

Measure Awnings, Shade Sails & More

The 3D Disto specializes in measuring out doors and at distances. Jobs like awnings and shade sails where you would normally need to have ladders and scaffolding are completed now from one location in minutes.

Everything You Need

The 3D Disto ships with everything the manufacturer sells with the 3D Disto but we include some of our own custom accessories. These includes targets specifically made for your industry and a ruggedized tablet. We also include software support to our customers as well.

Remotely Align & Capture

The remote function allows you to walk up to where the laser is pointed and hone in to the exact point you want to capture. With the tablet in hand, jog the laser to that point and capture it, without having to be standing next to the laser.

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