Slabsmith Overview

How Slabsmith Works

The Ultimate Slab Management Tool

In addition to seamless, high quality stone matching, Slabsmith gives users a robust inventory management tool that:

  • Optimizes slab usage
  • Significantly reduces waste
  • Streamlines manufacturing
  • Renders perfect 3D layouts.


Create Digital Slabs

Slabsmith’s Slab Maker™ module ensures that the digital slabs are accurate in every important detail.

  • Dimensions – To within a millimeter or less. Eliminates camera distortions.
  • Color – Accurate and consistent for even the subtlest variation.
  • Properties – Complete record includes material name, lot number, thickness, inventory ID and any other valuable information.

World Class Products & Support

This new partnership offers Slabsmith customers a turnkey package that includes:

  • One-Stop design and sourcing of photographic studio
  • On-site set-up and training
  • Customized computer systems
  • An experienced, well-staffed customer support team


Manage and Control Inventory

Digital slabs are now readily available to:

  • Easily locate and view based on any property
  • Search for remnants by size
  • Customize – Put on hold, assign to a job, organize by color & price
  • Upload to website
  • Track and analyze customer and business trends


Create Multiple Layout Options

The Perfect Match™ layout module provides tools to easily and accurately create a visual layout that can be optimized for beauty and/or yield while managing remnants and reducing scrap.

  • Create visually perfect designs
  • Interactively design with customers
  • Optimize slab utilization
  • Upsell exotic materials



Slabsmith exports the final layout seamlessly to CNC equipment for programming to a saw or waterjet.

  • Compatible with all CNC saws and waterjets
  • Save old job files to re-cut years later in the event of breaking or remodeling

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