An invaluable tool for quickly and easily measuring complex 3D measurements like home interiors (floors, walls, and ceilings), stairs, entire buildings, and facades, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator is also industry-recognized for its ability to capture doors, windows, countertops, and more.

Researched, field-tested and engineered specifically to meet the needs of fabricators, the LT-2D3D so significantly increases the efficiency, accuracy and speed of templating that it makes world-class technology affordable for any size company. Carrying an accuracy of ­­± 0.0625”, all your countertops and backsplashes will fit perfectly.

Our software has been custom designed to allow anyone to quickly and efficiently learn and excel as a templator. It is translated into 13 languages so it can be used all over the world. It will export jobs in DXF, DWG, XML, and ORD and create customer reports and shop sheets in PDF. The included tablet captures and saves pictures right into the job folder for quick references, create estimates, and allows the customer to sign off on a job right on site.

GUI - TemplatePro-03With the LT-2D3D, you can template and finish a job onsite within 15 minutes. Then, email it back to the office to allow fabrication to start by the time you make it to the next job site. It comes with a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and has absolutely no maintenance. An extended warranty is also available after the first year.

When it comes to laser templating and measuring, we have been at the forefront since 1994.


Known for consistency, reliability, and performance, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator has won more awards than any other digital  templator including the 2015 Best Product at StonExpo and most recently a Best of KBIS finalist in 2017.

Finished soffit that was measured without scaffolding after it had been raised.

callProduct Specifications


  • 2D & 3D Measurements
  • Accuracy: ± 0.0625”
  • Range: up to 200’ (400’ diameter)
  • 18,000 measurements per charge (50 hrs.)

Tablet / OS

  • Surface Pro 4
  • Windows 10
  • 12.3” touch screen display
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life per charge

Data Output


Software Translation

  • 13 languages

Measuring Units

  • 0.000 m, 0.0000 m, 0.00 m,
  • 0.00 ft, 0’00” 1/32, 0.0 in, 0 in 1/32


  • 1 year, bumper-to-bumper
  • Extended warranty available


For all LT-2D3D Laser Templator Accessories, please click here.

Leave Tape Measures In The Past

The LT-2D3D Laser Templator carries an accuracy of 0.0625″ and a range up to 325′ which is the industry standard. Not only does it record extremely precise measurements, it can do it consistently. When using the LT-2D3D, you will see tighter spaces between the cabinet bases and walls than you have ever seen. Try doing that with a tape measure.

Measure Tight Spaces

The LT-2D3D Laser Templator can measure as close as 2″ and as far as 200′. It can measure in tight spaces or open rooms. Measure entire buildings, rooms (floors, walls, and ceilings), windows, doors, stairs, cabinets/countertops, sinks/faucets, structural connections, duct work, piping, electrical outlets, etc.

cabinetvisionLaser Templator Software

Using TemplatePro, the LT-2D3D Laser Templator captures the measurements, exports them to a standard ORD or XML file that is ready to be imported into 2020 or Cabinet Vision to create a customer-ready file that shows your designs including:

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