Determine how many feet per week is fabricated. Our estimate is that switching to digital templating saves an average of $2.50 per square foot.

sq ft. Weekly Savings Months for Payback
200 $500 8.0 months
300 $750 5.3 months
400 $1,000 4.0 months
500 $1,250 3.2 months
1000 $2,500 1.6 months
2000 $5,000 less than 1 month

LPI offers a 12-month payment plan under $1,000 per month.

Average Yearly Return

Example of savings fabricating 250 sq ft per week.

Description of Annual Costs Manual Measuring LT-2D3D Templator
Average templating material* $6,240 $0
Scrap (5% manual / 1.5% LT-2D3D $45,500 $13,650
On-site rework (1 hour avg. per job) $5,200 $0
Total cost per year $56,940 $13,650
Total savings per year None $43,290
Weekly templating time 7.5 hours 1.6 hours

* LPI offers a 12-month payment plan under $1,000 per month.

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