Rebuilding a stone business

Rebuilding a stone business:  After a fire destroyed Sharon Re’s fabrication shop, she rebuilt it, sold it and eventually opened a new operation in the same building

Beginning in their early twenties, Sharon and Chuck Re started a tile business out of their apartment. While doing tile work for five years, customers would often ask them if they could do a vanity top for them. “We would have to go to a stone shop and have a vanity made,” said Sharon Re. “At the same time, we were getting sick of doing tile work. We decided to go to Cumar Marble and Granite and told them we knew how to template and install. I don’t know if we really did or not, but he hired us and for the next two years taught us everything we know today. That’s where we learned the value of hard work, learning from the best was the turning point for us and we will be forever grateful to Ivo [Cubi] for that.”

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Construction veterans opened Granite City in Eagle, AK, to meet the demand for stone fabrication in the area

Construction veterans opened Granite City in Eagle, AK, to meet the demand for stone fabrication in the area

Granite City of Eagle River, AK, was founded 11 years ago by current president, Matt Hickey, and vice president/general manager, Barry Anderson. They remain the owners today, along with treasurer, Melissa Hickey. Matt Hickey and Anderson had been working in the construction field for 40 years. They partnered to start the business because they saw a need for a granite fabrication and installation shop in the area.
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Growing Through Diversification

Growing Through Diversification, Marjan Stoen of Spring Valley, CA, continually researches, strategizes and invests in new technology, people and market trends.

While living in Bagdad, Iraq, Hikmet Pauls owned a factory that specialized in manufacturing terrazzo tile. When he moved to California, he used his experience and knowledge to start a career in the stone industry. After several years of working for a stone fabricator, Pauls opened his own fabrication shop, Marjan Stone, in San Diego, CA.

When I came to the U.S. in 1998, my family, my wife’s family and a lot of my community were already in San Diego,” said Pauls. “It made sense to be close to them. I applied for work at a stone fabrication company in San Diego, and they hired me the same day because of my previous experience. I worked there as an estimator, sales person and quality controller for about three to four years, and then I started my own business.”
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Software Today and Where Its Going

Software that helps run our technology is all around us. It improves our lives in a variety of ways — from the cell phones we carry in our pocket to the navigation systems in our cars. Technology makes our lives easier and more efficient. And relating to stone fabrication, as technology continues to evolve, the software in CNC machines continues to get better and assist fabricators. The stone industry may have started behind the technological curve, but it’s quickly catching up. The days of fabricators having to move every slab in their yard to show customers what that specific slab looks like, may be a thing of the past.

Digital slabs are becoming increasingly popular and the future for them looks promising. Digital slabs shouldn’t be thought of as a simple photo of a slab. It’s an accurate copy of real life. According to Bill Elliott of Northwood Designs, Inc. in Antwerp, NY, developer of Slabsmith, digital slabs allow the entire properties of a slab to be shown to a fabricator. “With the digital version of the slab, I know the exact dimensions; the color is accurate, and the parts that will fit in the slab or remnant are known making it more than just a photo of the slab,” said Elliott. “Then everything flows downhill from that. We can then manage inventories, manage remnants in a new way, do layouts in new ways. We know not only how many square feet are in a slab, but what the largest area we can use in it and what the largest rectangle we can make in that slab is. That also means we know exactly what is in stock if we need to meet certain needs. The possibilities are endless when you have an accurate digital version of a slab.”
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Vesta Marble – A family affair

More than 30 years ago, Nat Polito left a comfortable job to pursue an entre-preneurial opportunity that would soon see him as the sole proprietor of a premium marble, granite, quartz and exotic stone provider in Ottawa, Canada. Building the company from the ground up, Polito was heartened by the idea that with each step, he was creating a legacy for his family — and for his employees. Today, Polito shares the Vesta Marble reins with his son, Bruno. Polito’s daughter, Margot, has also joined the company in a supporting role. Together, they are leading the company and its growing staff into a new era of innovation and possibility, designed to secure the company’s future for generations to come.

Vesta Marble was built on a foundation of hard work, placing significant value on talent and contribution, mutual respect and on delivering on a promise of quality. Bruno Polito began working at Vesta as soon as he was old enough to do so and absorbed his father’s guiding principles. As head of production, the younger Polito has been able to expand upon his father’s foundation, taking the company in a more digital and environmentally conscious direction. With Bruno Polito poised to learn from and eventually succeed his dad — the time was right to expand, both their physical space and their product offering, and so the company is now located in a brand new state-of-the-art facility, which includes a customer accessible showroom.

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