August 2015

Rivers’ Edge Countertops, a seven-year-old fabrication shop, maintains a fully digital shop with advanced stoneworking machinery to meet the needs of its clients.

Rivers’ Edge Countertops of Newcastle, OK, prides itself on producing an experience for its clients that are seeking brand new countertops. “We do this by guiding them through a process of discovering what the best product is for them,” said Jeremiah Rivers, CEO of the company. “I started the business in 2008 out of wanting to bring a new class and service to our market for the countertop industry.”

Within the last 14 months, the company invested in a lineup of machinery from Park Industries of St. Cloud, MN. “I chose Park machinery since it was made in the U.S., and I heard great things about their parts and services,” explained Rivers. “Plus, I had a great sales representative who walked me through the whole process.”

Operating solely as a wholesale stone fabrication business, Classic Rock Fabrication of Harrisburg, PA, was established by several fabricators who realized a need for this specialty service.


First opening its doors in 2006, Classic Rock Fabrication is owned by Alex Bazdar, Chris Mellott and Brad Wevodau. “We have always maintained the same business model,” explained Bazdar, CEO, who joined the company almost six years ago and serves as its managing partner. “We have always been a wholesale company, even prior to my start here. Brad and Chris had a great vision and stuck with it, even when the markets went south. Classic Rock never wavered to opening its doors to the public. We continue to remain strictly a true and through wholesaler. Some fabricators say they are, but they take walk-ins and sell retail which directly competes against the dealers and builders.


We deal with solely kitchen and bath dealers and home builders. Wetemplate, produce and install for them. We have no contact with the consumer, other than once a job has been sold; they make stone selections in house.” According to Bazdar, Classic Rock Fabrication’s business plan was well thought out and has proven successful.